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The Fleurieu Peninsula proudly weathers the wild southern ocean. In the lee of the mount lofty ranges, the fleurieu coast extends from the sandy surf beaches of coorong to the windswept rugged clifftops of the cape. Situated on the waters edge in the river port of goolwa is our distillery. It is here the whisky develops expressive maple and vanilla oak overtones mixed with spicy sea-air aromas. These elegantly combine to create a smooth bodied character that comes only from maturation on the southern coast.

Come visit us….Travel the winding roads of the Fleurieu.

G.R, Andrews Head Distiller

Medal & Award Winners in the 2020 American Distilling Institute Awards

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Collab #2 with our dear friends at Black Gate Distillery. Get on board! ...

Medal delivery day @fleurieudistillery 🤩

Earlier this year all three Fleurieu Single Malts entered into the American Distilling Institute Awards won medals. Today they finally arrived in the post!

Signal to Noise - Gold Medal
Cartoon Lurve - Gold Medal
Moon River - Bronze Medal

There’s no better time to travel the winding roads of the Fleurieu and indulge in one of these award winning whiskies in the heart of the river port of Goolwa

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Woohoo 🙌 Our first ‘face to face’ event for 2020! Counting down the days for some grain and grape banter and high spirited fun @hainsco with @stagnesbrandy

Can’t wait to see you there! Ticketing info @hainsco below...

Posted @withregram • @hainsco We're pitting 2 amazing, local distilleries against each other @fleurieudistillery & @stagnesbrandy in our Grain vs Grape event! Will grains burst grapes bubble, or will grape turn grains to grist!? Find out and help us vote! Tickets live on our website www.hainsco.com.au
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A good run overnight. Now for the cleanup! ...

Boortmalt - because there’s a little bit of Swedish Chef in all distillers.
Boort Boort Boort Boort!

Love that you feel you are exactly where you belong professionally @ajoelessordinary To have one of our whiskies as a celebratory dram to this is really special 🥰
Posted @withregram • @ajoelessordinary Homecoming

Today, I had the honour of presenting the Emergency Medicine Grand Round presentation at my new hospital. During this presentation, I told several stories about my life thus far as a toxicologist. To hear from respected colleagues that it was the best presentation I had ever given, was a true honour. After a long search of the soul, I felt that I was finally home.
So it seemed the right time to talk about one of my favorite whiskies to date. Cartoon Lurve, is the combination of peated malt, tawny and apera casks from Fleurieu Distillery. Having won a gold medal at the 2020 American Distilling Institute Awards, it is a prime example of how fortified wine and peat can work together in perfect harmony.

Served in a Denver and Liely Gin Glass, it worked really nicely to bring out some lovely aromas.
Colour: Liquid honey, Apple Box, in fact
Nose: Sweet, earthy peat with a hint of peat comprising of burnt leaves, iodine, salt and coffee greet you on first pass. On your return, there’s a lovely mix of caramel saltwater taffy, mixed berry jam and sea spray are allowed to step to the front by the peat. It’s at this point, your palate beckons for a taste
Palate: At 52%, the entry is rich and viscous, no burn whatsoever, it envelops your whole mouth as you ride the waves of sweet toffee, salt, plum, plum jam and that wonderful complex peat note. It’s so well-integrated, I’ve enjoyed every drop thus far
Finish: As for all the Fleurieus I’ve had, long, warming and lingers to a close of that plum note with a twang of briny peat

Frontrunner for my whisky of 2020- check it out- www.fleurieudistillery.com.au

Till next time! -JRo 🥃❤️ #2020 #bestdecadeever #whisky #whiskey #bourbon #rye #scotch #whiskylover #fleurieu #thinklocaldrinklocal #australiasfirstbourbonsteward

What is whisky without those who bring us together and challenge us.
Craig Daniels
Craig recognises ‘things’ before their time and has been at the forefront of malt whisky appreciation in Australia.

As a craft brewery metamorphosising into a fledgling single malt whisky distillery, who else would you turn to for advice and quality control? As a multiple Australian Malt Whisky Tasting Championship winner, who better to help work your way through your first releases?

It was Craig, who spotted that our “River’s End” bottling was going to create ripples... and it did... all the way to Gold Medal, Best of Category, and trophy for Champion International Whisky at the 2018 American Distilling Institute Awards.

Craig Daniels, this barrel is named after you to recognise all you have done in encouraging us as distillers.

Craig's passion for whisky and developing conversation around it has led to a thriving community within Adelaide and across the nation. His history and influence on the whisky scene in Australia is far too long to be listed here, but in this barrel we recognise his contribution to our success as a regional South Australian distillery. Sliante

Nicholas Yui
By our estimation Nick has a photographic record of pretty much our entire production process. And there’s not a lot of people you would allow to do that... Nick is quiet, reflective, observant, and specific... and challenging. A visit from Nicholas is a time to stop and listen.

For us, Nick has a ‘front-up’ palate, nosing an array of subtleties, where Gareth definitely has a ‘back-driven’ palate, taste, mouthfeel, retro-nasal. The conversation volleys between them on what could be found in a variety of drams was a game, set and match that a whisky Wimbledon would be proud of! A visit from Nick for us is a sheer delight.

Nick would also bring us malts from all over the world for us to assess and compare. A visit from Nick was a lesson, nay, dare we say a masterclass. It lead to reflection on incremental change to improve in a measured way.

Nicholas, while your work takes you far away, for you our doors are always open.

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It’s out there now. In the wild. Secured yours yet? 😁 ...

Posted @withregram • @ajoelessordinary A voice in the wilderness

After what seems like an eternity (although our concept of time has been challenged and redefined in the last few weeks), it’s time for another review. This one’s a special one indeed.

Made by the wonderful Andrews Family at Fleurieu Distillery, I was so grateful to be send a bottle of their Gold Medal bottling of Signal to Noise. This won a Gold Medal in the Craft Spirit category at the American Distilling Institute Awards.

I decided to take Angela and Gareth’s tasting notes to heart and enjoy the drama on a few evenings by the fire before putting my thoughts down on paper. Time slows when you have a great whisky in hand in front of the fire.

Colour: Golden honey with reddish tinges, a nod to its development in an Apera cask
Nose: Classic Fleurieu coastal sea spray with vanilla, creme caramel, a touch of nougat and some red hots on the tail. No ethanol prickle, really well balanced at 51%. You can inhale for 30 seconds without restraint
Palate: Full, rich, mouth-coating vanilla, caramel, toffee, maple, cherry, and all spice. As the initial notes fade, there’s a beautiful sweet malty note that is just delicious- for a little while, I am taken back to eating Horlick’s malted milk from the tin when Mum and Dad weren’t looking...
Finish: Long, lingering, luscious... Dry Glass- phenomenal... An incredible Australian Whisky Winter’s Dram- check it out- www.fleurieudistillery.com.au

Till next time! -JRo 🥃❤️ #2020 #bestdecadeever #whisky #whiskey #bourbon #rye #scotch #whiskylover #fleurieu #thinklocaldrinklocal #australiasfirstbourbonsteward

Barrels of Gratitude #10

The Barrels of Gratitude Series recognises those who have made an impact on our whisky journey. Joining the incredible individuals higlighted so far, Graham Wright and Jose Dymenstein are two amazing characters who have provided both grounding and philosophic direction in what we are trying to achieve.

El Tote (Jose Dymenstein)
As an importer of quality spirits who has worked extensively to create and curate an exciting collection of spirits available in Melbourne, Jose has a been wealth of knowledge... Jose, we feel privileged that you continually open your heart and doors to walk us through such varied whisky history and styles. Thank you for your visiting us and for hosting us @casadevinos We love meeting up with you at whisky shows around Australia. Conversations and tastings are always memorable and thought provoking. We appreciate your hospitality, knowledge and kindness. Your ability to place the Australian scene in a global perspective so we can further clarify goals, is truly important to us.

Without an understanding of what you are hoping to achieve, you cannot develop and nurture a plan - and you have helped us to do this. Thank you, Jose for your part in clearing the waters.

Graham Wright
Long before drinking (let alone purchasing online) whisky became a fashionable ‘lifestyle choice’ in Australia, Graham was championing good malts. Even he admits that in the beginning ‘you could hardly even give it away’. How times change... Graham @theoddwhiskycoy is a pioneer of online sales in our industry. Backed by his wealth of knowledge and experience from his ‘Odd Bins’ days (a story within itself), he could write a book of wisdom on sales in our vast land.

From our First Release, Graham recognised what it was we had set out to achieve. He understood good whisky has a sense of place, that we were trying to produce something that spoke of where it came from and the philosophy behind it, and in his own way encouraged us to follow that path. Countless times we have ‘sidled up’ to Graham seeking his opinion on questions about the industry, both nationally and globally, to achieve our next goal. Graham Wright, thank you!

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes... ...