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  • In these strange days of isolation, Country to Coast is a collaboration of two Australian distilleries. This whisky is a pairing of barrels. One Apera cask filled with peated new make distilled and matured at Black Gate Distillery in Mendooran NSW, the other a Tawny cask filled with peated new make distilled and matured at the Fleurieu Distillery in SA. In early 2020 these two casks were brought together at the Fleurieu Distillery. Here with diligence and respect to their individual character they were carefully put through the process of being blended, rested, adjusted to 48% alc/volume, and given the working title of “The BFG” (Black Fleurieu Gate). After further resting, this beautifully integrated whisky was then bottled. Tasting Notes 48% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 300 bottles. This limited edition peated whisky is an exceptional pairing of casks from two highly respected Australian mainland distilleries. The deep mahogany hue carries forward a nose of solid peat smoke upon a bed of raisins, spice and vanilla. It offers an inviting multilayer complexity of peat mixed with signature Apera and Tawny barrel characters. Immerse yourself in the wispy smoke over briny coastal iodine and sweet country infused malt and umami. This balance and integration mingles well through to the end, beckoning another sip to savour. Whether you are in the county or on the coast, or anywhere in between, this ground-breaking release is a celebration of coming together after unprecedented times. It is sure to please throughout the chilly months of Winter.
  • “All the while the world is turning to noise Oh the more that it's surrounding us The more that it destroys Turn up the signal Wipe out the noise Send out the signal deep and loud…”   Peter Gabriel – ‘Signal To Noise’ In the dark days of World War II the signal to noise ratio was crucial in order to transmit messages. If the white noise was too loud the true signal of the message was easily lost.  Today the urban dictionary plays on that concept to describe people who say a lot but don’t have a lot to say… As you navigate these difficult times we hope this delicious dram will assist you to “…turn up the signal and wipe out the noise.”   Tasting Notes: Tasting Notes: 51% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 700 hand-numbered bottles. This Apera barrel offering is a vatting of six 100L first fill barrels has yielded whisky with luscious red gold hues that offer vanilla, hazelnuts, cinnamon and spices on the nose. On the palate the vanilla becomes more pronounced as tones of hazelnut praline layered with toffee shards and maple cream. Ghosting hints of allspice and cacao linger suggestively on the finish to make a delightful winter’s evening dram to indulge on in front of an open fire. Need we say more?   Gold Medal – Craft Spirit – American Distilling Institute Awards 2020
  • Sometimes love is found in the strangest of places.  The chance meeting of a one-eyed muscle bound sailor with waif of a girl the shape of a toothpick sparked a truly unique relationship. Popeye and Olive were two peated whisky barrels filled on the same day – and named after these two cartoon characters. There is never any guarantee the whisky from barrels named after couples will end up in the same bottle.  Sometimes though, there is that certain magic and the whisky from Popeye and Olive certainly had this for us. And as Celine Dion so aptly puts it, if you are truly in love you’re not in love, you’re in “lurve”. Tasting Notes: 52% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 300 hand-numbered bottles. Deep auburn in colour, this exquisitely peated whisky remains true to the Fleurieu style. Hints of gentle smoke and sweet iodine peat on the nose give way to briny coastal infused malt and umami on the palate.  The balance between sweet smoky toffee and wisps of toasted walnuts mingle well with overtones of dried stone fruit.  A great dram to deliberate over, after exploring rock pools at Middleton point at low tide on a hazy Winter afternoon. Gold Medal – Craft Spirit – American Distilling Institute Awards 2020
  • Moon River

    In perfect evening conditions, the view of a rising full moon from the Fleurieu Distillery reflects an equally magnificent liquid moon over the water.  Its size and clarity give the illusion you could almost sail through it!  This little gem of a whisky is bottled at full cask strength of 61.2%.  Full, rich passionate flavours beautifully balanced with luscious American oak vanillins.  A Moon River may be wider than a mile but you too can cross it in style. Tasting Notes: Tasting Notes: 61.2% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 250 hand-numbered bottles. As the Autumn days grow shorter and the chilly evening breeze beckons the end of the daylight saving, it’s nice to have a cask strength dram handy by your side. Deep and rich in colour, this exclusive single cask strength release bottled at 61.2% displays strong Apera dried fruit notes on the nose.  With just a splash of chilled water the depth of this single malt aged in a first fill cask offers a delightful creamy vanilla and toffee butter on the palate with hints of roasted walnut and lingering golden syrup reminiscent of ANZAC cookies, finishing with butterscotch shortbread tones. Perfect for afternoon tea with scotch finger biscuits.  In fact, if you prefer your Granitas and Scotch Fingers to Tim Tams and Iced Vovos, then this is right up your alley!
  • Tea In The Sahara is a whisky that speaks of long warm evenings. Brim full of Australian barley, Mount Lofty spring water, South Australian tawny casks and Southern Ocean climate, it highlights the core elements of our distillery's DNA. Tasting Notes: 46% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 300 hand-numbered bottles. Deep mahogany in appearance this whisky, like all our single malts, reflects the richness and colour of first fill port barrels. The nose is heavily influenced by the vatting of several tawny casks, hints of cinnamon, soy sauce, soft raisin fruitiness and lingering barley sugar flavours mixed with a hint of vanilla icecream at the end. Tea In The Sahara is all about the balance of texture, malty flavours and just the right amount of oak for those warm sultry evenings that early Autumn can produce.
  • A year ago we crossed our Rubicon, a point of no return in our journey from brewery to distillery. We aptly named our second release after that significant milestone.Here then is our Atlantic Crossing. It is the point in our journey where we sail into uncharted deep and dark waters in search of the Promised Land, with first shipments overseas to new markets and new horizons. This single malt is burnt amber in colour and rich in our signature salted caramel style with just a hint of smoke. May Atlantic Crossing accompany and inspire you on your next voyage of discovery. Gareth & Angela Andrews Distillers - GR Andrews & Sons Fleurieu Distillerys Silver Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018 Best of Category - Craft Spirit - American Distilling Institute 2018 Silver Medal - Craft Spirit - American Distilling Institute 2018
  • Whisky Kisses is the name of our first copper still. It evolved from the joy of bedtime routines of whiskery kisses, stories and big bear hugs with our very young sons who were unable to say whiskery. Hence it became lovingly known as whisky kisses. Whisky Kisses, our third release from GR Andrews & Sons Fleurieu Distillery is best described as a port-barrel single malt with a hint of peat smoke. The burnt amber colour carries forward a nose of raisins, spice, vanilla and toffee apple, all typical port barrel characteristics.  It is in this third release that our signature style of salted caramel, biscuit and toasted nuts with just a wisp of peat becomes apparent.  Immerse yourself in the lingering finish of wispy smoke and baked caramel tart. Only 600 bottles produced. May Whisky Kisses invoke warm lingering memories of special moments with loved ones. Silver Medal 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards Gareth & Angela Andrews Distillers 700ml, 55% alc/vol approximately 30.4 standard drinks.