Fleurieu Distillery rarely releases single casks.  We’ll Always Have Paris is an exception. Originating from the same distillation run as the 2018 Gold Medal release Bogart and Bacall, this apera barrelled peated whisky was left a year longer in cask.  The result?  A softer expression exuding smoky smouldering qualities reflective of the legendary Bogart’s onscreen romances.

Tasting Notes:  Limited to 160 hand-numbered bottles, 61.5% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles.  This apera barrelled peat offers a slightly dryer sweetness with higher notes.  Here the peat is the dominant overarching flavour.  If you enjoyed Bogart and Bacall, you will enjoy We’ll Always Have Paris.

Awards: Silver Medal 2019 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, Silver  Medal Tasting Australia Awards 2019