In perfect evening conditions, the view of a rising full moon from the Fleurieu Distillery reflects an equally magnificent liquid moon over the water.  Its size and clarity give the illusion you could almost sail through it!  This little gem of a whisky is bottled at full cask strength of 61.2%.  Full, rich passionate flavours beautifully balanced with luscious American oak vanillins.  A Moon River may be wider than a mile but you too can cross it in style.

Tasting Notes: Tasting Notes: 61.2% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 250 hand-numbered bottles.

As the Autumn days grow shorter and the chilly evening breeze beckons the end of the daylight saving, it’s nice to have a cask strength dram handy by your side.

Deep and rich in colour, this exclusive single cask strength release bottled at 61.2% displays strong Apera dried fruit notes on the nose.  With just a splash of chilled water the depth of this single malt aged in a first fill cask offers a delightful creamy vanilla and toffee butter on the palate with hints of roasted walnut and lingering golden syrup reminiscent of ANZAC cookies, finishing with butterscotch shortbread tones.

Perfect for afternoon tea with scotch finger biscuits.  In fact, if you prefer your Granitas and Scotch Fingers to Tim Tams and Iced Vovos, then this is right up your alley!