• Message in a Bottle is a celebration of Australian whisky aged in a maritime environment. It is a whisky that speaks of the place it came, brim full of Australian barley, Mount Lofty spring water, South Australian tawny casks and Southern Ocean climate, the core elements of our terroir.

    Limited to 460 hand-numbered bottles, 52.9% alc/vol, and available in 700ml bottles only.  The nose is heavily influenced by the port casks, hints of cinnamon, soy sauce, soft citrus fruitiness and lingering barley sugar flavours mixed with a hint of vanilla ice cream at the end.  Message in a Bottle is all about the balance of softness, texture, malty flavours and just the right amount of oak.

    We hope you enjoy this Australian maritime whisky!

    Gareth and Angela Andrews


    700ml, 52.9% alc/vol approximately 29.2 standard drinks.

    Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2019 • Gold Medal Tasting Australia Awards 2019 • Gold Medal Silver Medal – Craft Spirit – American Distilling Institute 2019
  • Ecto Gammat was the pivotal line issued by Leeloo in the classic Sci-Fi movie "The Fifth Element".  It means "Never without my permission".  So too with whisky barrels.  They are ready when they say so and never before.  This peated release is a marriage (with the barrels' permission) of port and apera single malt. Tasting Notes:  Limited to 460 hand-numbered bottles, 52.9% alc/vol and available in 700ml bottles. The nose is heavily influenced by the port casks, hints of raisins, dried fruits and tabacco are rounded off with a medium salty peat smoke in the finish. Awards: Silver Medal 2019 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, Silver  Medal Tasting Australia Awards 2019
  • Whisky Kisses is the name of our first copper still. It evolved from the joy of bedtime routines of whiskery kisses, stories and big bear hugs with our very young sons who were unable to say whiskery. Hence it became lovingly known as whisky kisses. Whisky Kisses, our third release from GR Andrews & Sons Fleurieu Distillery is best described as a port-barrel single malt with a hint of peat smoke. The burnt amber colour carries forward a nose of raisins, spice, vanilla and toffee apple, all typical port barrel characteristics.  It is in this third release that our signature style of salted caramel, biscuit and toasted nuts with just a wisp of peat becomes apparent.  Immerse yourself in the lingering finish of wispy smoke and baked caramel tart. Only 600 bottles produced. May Whisky Kisses invoke warm lingering memories of special moments with loved ones. Silver Medal 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards Gareth & Angela Andrews Distillers 700ml, 55% alc/vol approximately 30.4 standard drinks.